Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello everyone!!

I know it has been awhile- I don't have to tell you how quickly the summer has gone by. I feel like I am just getting some down time between- family, work, friends and trying to keep up with all of it! In a little less than a week I will be giving up my title of Miss Thousand Islands and be handing it down to another lovely lady. There are all sorts of emotions going through me right now. Yes, I am sad that this amazing chapter in my life has come to an end but I am truly thankful for all of the wonderful ways it has helped shape my life. Even more than that, I have a a new extension to my family including- the board of Miss Thousand Islands, especially Shelby, Sue and Garry, my pageant sisters and the entire community of Watertown. This year truly couldn't have been accomplished without all of their love and support.

In preparation for the coming pageant, our board put on a garage sale to benefit Miss Thousand Islands. It was in a central location with lots of good bargains, so much so that people were lining up just to get into the garage..I wish I were joking lol. The sale was on a beautiful July day with lots friendly people showing their support for the pageant! Here I am pictured with Sue Pilon on this beautiful day. As you can see we have our stylish aprons on, to make change with, along with our Miss New York State tee shirts!

The following day was a workshop for all of the contestants in Miss Thousand Islands 2010. Looking at all of these beautiful ladies, with hopes and ambitions in their eyes reminded me of last year, being in their same position. Any one of these young ladies is going to make a great Miss Thousand Islands and I am so excited for them and their year to come.

The picture to the side is a traditional photo taken every year at workshop. We have newcomers and veterans, which is bound to make to an interesting pageant!!

If you are interesting in attending Miss Thousand Islands 2010- it's this Saturday August 15th, at 7pm, the Clayton Opera House. It's the 45th Anniversary of the pageant. So come and watch the "45 and Fabulous" Pageant!!

It's so funny to think that one year ago I was in their same position as these ladies. I was preparing, practicing and -juggling a summer class along with my preparation. In the end though it turned out pretty well, I'd say.( I thought I would add this blast from the past, photo of the contestants and myself from last year) I had the most amazing times of my life- gaining a new perception on myself along with making new friends. This pageant system has helped mold me into the confident, self-motivated person I am today. I will always be grateful for what the Miss America Organization has done for me and will continue to do for future contestants in years to come!