Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here we go. In less than a week I will be in Albany getting ready to compete in the Miss New York State Pageant. Are you as excited as I am? I hope so! I am just tying up some loose ends here and before I go I want to share with you some of my more recent events! On Friday Relay for Life began! I have been involved with Relay for a number of years. In 2007 I created a "Celebrity Friendship Quilt" (pictured above), which was raffled off for a local Relay for Life team. The celebrities that signed the quilt included- Al Pacino, Barbara Walters, Maya Angelou, and Charles Barkley just to name a few.

Relay this year was a lot of fun! As soon as I arrived I ran into Marci Irvine- a former Miss Thousand Islands. I used to go and watch the Miss New York State pageant every year at the State Office Building here in Watertown. The year that Marci competed my mother was a hostess and my little sister Lauren was Marci's "little sister". The little sisters were assigned to each contestant and would perform a little dance. Marci may not have won that year but our family became close to her and we even attended her wedding! Now this is why I love pageants. Your pageant sisters become part of your extended family and you share so many special moments with them.

Speaking of pageant sisters, I also ran into former Miss Oswego, Jen Walck. Jen was also walking with her Relay group and as you can see by her outfit she was prepped for the sunshine! We were talking about past pageant times as well as this summer when she will be performing at the Miss Thousand Islands pageant.

I got to ride in a vintage convertible with the President of BOCES- Russell Berger. He and his wife rebuilt two convertibles themselves- including the interior and engine. The team I was on this year is called "A Stitch of Hope"- how perfect for me!
~Here I am in the beautiful car- no I'm not driving..I wish I knew how to drive stick!

The next morning was a Children's Miracle Network event in Clayton at the Antique Boat Museum. It may have been cloudy and cold but that didn't stop people from coming out and enjoying the festivities. There was food, boat rides, a live band, face painting and of course the antique boats! There was something for everyone and you bet it kept the kids busy!

Here I am with Chelsea- Miss Thousand Islands Outstanding Teen. We tried to huddle together for warmth as well as raise money for CMN, which happens to be Chelsea's platform!

~It may have been chilly out but that of course didn't stop us from going on an antique boat ride! If you have never been to The Thousand Islands, you need to make your next vacation destination here! The water may be a bit rough on a stormy day but the scenery is breathtaking regardless of the weather. There are so many beautiful homes built on these islands, that it makes me want to buy an island...Hey a girl can dream!

On Sunday- I took a break between events and spent quality time with the family. Every Sunday after church my family goes to my grandparents house for a pasta dinner. It's a great time for the whole family to get together, talk about their week and of course eat grandma's delicious pasta!! I'm telling you, one taste of her sauce and you will be hooked!

When Monday came along I was well rested and anxious to get back to the Thousand Islands. There was another Children's Miracle Network event in Alex Bay. There were hundreds of businesses coming out for this event. There was a one hour boat ride along the St. Lawrence River followed by dinner at Boldt Castle. I made some new friends as well as caught up with some old familiar friends.

Chelsea and I were in heaven on this beautiful boat ride, as you can see from our photo. Can you believe the weather called for hail? I told you it could snow in June here..but thank goodness the weather was wrong. This event was very special because there were two CMN children there to share in this big night. One of them I caught up with was named Shayleigh. She is a bright little 10 year old who says she's ready for summer! Doesn't she look gorgeous? At that age I think I was still in pigtails and had zero knowledge of style. haha

I want to take some time to thank all of the people and businesses who have helped me along the way to Miss New York. I truly don't know where I would be without them.

  • Nelson's Formal wear
  • Watertown Sunrise Rotary


  • Photography by Angela

  • Community Bank

  • The Watertown YMCA

  • A Touch of Grace

  • Uncle Tony and Aunt Mary

  • Uncle Billy

  • Jonathan Cooper

  • Sandra and Sammy Fiorentino

  • Frank Reff

  • John Hulbert

  • George Mead

  • Nancy Kall

and the list just keeps growing... If you haven't had a chance to donate or are interesting in donating- don't panic there is still time to donate to Children's Miracle Network, please visit my page

Well it's late and I better get some rest- there's still more packing to be done!

God Bless!!



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