Monday, June 1, 2009

This past weekend was a lot of fun! I decided on Thursday to hold a garage sale to benefit Children's Miracle Network. My mom always says "The best things happen at the last minute" and this was no exception. The morning of the garage sale felt like a winter day. Well you know Northern New York it can snow at any time and actually has snowed in June! I was afraid that because of the cold weather no one would show up. But believe it or not I had early birds! The weather might have been chilly and rainy but that didn't stop the loving people of Watertown in coming out to support CMN. One of the first items to go happened to be my the hot pot I talked about earlier (actually it wasn't my fathers it was mine. My father has his in his office.) There were plenty of bargain dresses slightly worn that went for $2 and $3 a piece but made some young girls very happy!

Here I am with one of my board of director members Sue Pilon. Doesn't she look good in fur? Even though the garage sale was in competition with General Brown Days the sale raised a total of $180.00. I was thrilled! For those who don't know what General Brown Days are it's a weekend set aside with food, festivities and a parade in the village of Brownville. Every resident has a garage sale! I didn't realize when I was planning this that it fell upon the same weekend. Oh well! I really have to thank my sister Lauren, for being by my side and helping me with the sale. She was not only a good sales woman but good company as well. Between donations from Sunrise Rotary and Paul Simmons of AAMCO- the total reached over $450. Thanks to everyone for opening up your hearts to this wonderful cause!!

This was just too cute! My niece Giovanna trying to open the donation jar for CMN. She loves money or as she says it monies! haha

(A Special Day to Celebrate)

Yesterday was a very special day for my family. My nephew Jameson had his first birthday. It was a tremendous joy to celebrate this milestone not only in his life but in my family's lives as well. It was hilarious watching him curiously eye his cake then slowly dip his fingers into it. But as you can see he definetely made a huge mess! He is too sweet! It's moments like these that make life so precious. My family is extremely close. When Jameson was born it was an emergency C-section and he was in ICU for several days. His little body was hooked up to wires and monitors. We prayed that he would be alright. Now here he is- a happy, healthy one year old. I was sad that I couldn't be with my pageant sisters in Albany at the CMN Telethon but I was celebrating a miracle with my family.

God Bless!



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