Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's coming down to the wire. Less than two weeks before I leave for Miss New York and I am so excited- not only to represent my area but to give a voice to millions of women. I am fighting to revolutionize the clothing industry for breast cancer survivors so that they may have affordable, beautiful and comfortable clothing.

I'd like to share with you "The Pink Pledge"- hang tag. This hang tag will be recognizable to breast cancer survivors everywhere displayed on "survivor friendly" clothing. Isn't this exciting? These tags are currently being showcased at my mother's store- A Touch of Grace. I am in the process of partnering with Ursula of Switzerland, Jordan Fashions, and other companies to feature this hang tag on their clothing. We have been working for a cure for so long but have neglected the needs of these brave survivors . They have been scarred mentally, physically and emotionally. The least we can do is provide them with clothing that looks and makes them feel beautiful. My mission is to see "The Pink Pledge" hang tag on survivor friendly garments in mainstream fashion.

Today I was assisting the Sunrise Rotary in delivering of roses from their rose sale. All the proceeds from this sale will benefit the Jefferson County Camp for Youth with Disabilities As you know, I have grown up with the Sunrise Rotary and I love how hardworking and dedicated this group is to its community. Last year my mother, father and I delivered roses out in Chaumont. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chaumont, it's a small town on Lake Ontario, filled with seasonal cottages and year round homes. Around 9am, after morning rotary, mom and I loaded up the minivan with dozens of roses. Unfortunately we didn't get the Chaumont route, instead we went all around Watertown delivering roses and smiles. Around 11:30am, we had one set of roses left to deliver and I know we saved the best for last. The woman who answered the door was very friendly and as we were talking I saw a little baby walk into the room. Emma, who I was told just turned a year old, was smiling and walking towards me with one of my favorite books. 'Are You My Mother?' by Dr. Seuss is an all time childhood favorite of mine, which I have shared with Giovanna as well. Emma, the woman and her husband gave hugs and wishes of good luck to me as I left their home. It was the perfect ending to the afternoon!



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